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Answering Denominational Doctrine

Thorough explanations of the differences between the church we read about in the Bible and modern man-made religious organizations.
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ADD-08 - The Community Church

The Scripture says, “But the truth and sell it not” (Prov. 23:23). There is a high premium
placed on the truth of God in the Scriptures because of its power to make us free from sin
(Jn. 8:32). No matter what the cost is to us, we must make sure that we have the truth, and
that we are living by it. In this series of lessons we have been looking at various doctrines
of men, and comparing those with the Word of God. Today we are going to look at
the errors of the community church movement. Is this movement something that God has
authorized? Is it something that glorifies God? What is the community church movement?

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